A breakthrough in technology enables 2022 to be the year physics goes digital.

‍We're here to help you usher in the revolution.

We can now dynamically change the mass of human interfaces.

We introduced the Inertia Wheels to the film industry. And with them, we solved the challenges with simulated inertia.

No Gimmicks

Cinematographers working on the largest productions in the world don't have time for gimmicks, so the software, hardware, and motor that drives the physics needed to be invisible. After two years of R&D, it was.

Newtonian Math

In order for it to be totally believable, the basis for our software is the real mathematics behind the fundamental laws that govern the universe.

Ultra High Fidelity

Cinematographers control high end cameras on high-pressure film sets. They require not only precision, but also fluidity, responsiveness, and an organic interaction between camera, actor, and camera operator. To achieve this we created a multi-dimension system for dynamic tuning. The motors and physics to work in concert holding greater than 0.0006Β° precision.

Simulated inertia brings numerous benefits to your product and customer experience.

Digital Native Hardware

By giving your hardware a processor, magnets, encoder, intelligent software you can unlock the full digital potential of your product. Issue firmware updates and ignite a feedback loop of improvement that makes your product better over time.

Solid State Reliability

By removing break pads and other mechanical solutions, you increase reliability. Magnetic fields replace friction. A single PCB driver board helps customers repair their own products in a right-to-repair future.


Simulated inertia has been described as a "magic trick" by Β users. The ability to customize it to feel right gives users a genuine joy.

We partnered with ECM technology to unlock the next evolution in simulated inertia.


PCB Stators have no cogging with no inherent feel. This gives the designer (or user) total control of the haptics.

High Torque

PCB Stators have incredible power to weight ratio which is necessary to emulate the unlimited exponential nature of real physics.

Flexible Form

PCB Stators can be custom shaped to fit into new and existing applications like never before.

The solutions we developed are at your disposal.

Motor Design

We've worked with ECM over the past two years as they've developed Print Stator. We can help your application advance quickly with minimal revisions.

PCB Driver Design

Our motor driver designs are scalable and flexible to meet your application. Our PCB design services or example schematics can help you leap forward in production.

Inertia Firmware

We have scalable and flexible simulated inertia software that runs easily on affordable embedded processors. Our software can work with existing or new encoders and has multiple I/O such as SPI, CAN, UART or even USB. Even update the physics with OTA updates.

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